Sustainable Agriculture Community Development Programmes | Publications
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SACDEP Publications

The organization has obtained an enormous amount of practical experience regarding the principles and practices of Sustainable Agriculture.  The Seven Pillars of Sustainable Agriculture have also been implemented, tested, critiqued and reviewed in diverse sessions.  Therefore the organization always has the intention to share the knowledge and skills with others who would be willing to benefit from the same information. In this light, SACDEP has published the following:-

  1. Sustainable Agriculture Manual for East Africa
  2. Publishes quarterly magazines Sustainable Agriculture Magazine
  3. Published Strategic Plan 2011 -2015
  4. Natural Soil Fertility Book
  5. Pollinator Agents for Sustainable Agriculture
  6. Failure of Small holder Marketing
  7.  Various documentaries show casing our experience. To access any of SACDEP publications, please contact or


Sustainable Agriculture Manual for East AfricaNatural Soil Fertility Book Pollinator Agents for Sustainable AgricultureFailure of Small holder Marketing