Sustainable Agriculture Community Development Programmes | Future Programmes
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Future Programmes

Future Programmes

SACDEP intends to carry out the following programmes in the near future and the website visitors are invited to participate and contribute to their successful implementation.:-


Maize comb project

Maize comb project involves construction of 30 roomed accommodation facilities to increase the internal fundraising capacity for SACDEP. Individuals can fund construction of a room or rooms which they will adopt and be using them when on vacation. The maize comb project derives its name from the shape of the proposed building which will be like a maize comb, each grain representing a room.

Endowment Fund establishment

This is an initiative that aims at establishing a fund that will be invested to earn income. The income derived will be used in implementation of community development projects.

Geographic expansion

SACDEP Tanzania

This involves establishment of SACDEP – Tanzania to reach out to

organisations and communities in that country. This will enable SACDEP share the wealth of experience and success in implementation of Sustainable Agriculture and Development programmes with these organisations and communities. This programme targets Kilimanjaro region (Arusha and Moshi).

Northern Kenya Pastoral communities’ livelihood Programme

The Programme aims at improving the livelihoods of communities in Northern Kenya through Livestock upgrading, pasture improvement and livestock marketing. This program targets Isiolo, Moyale and Marsabit regions.

Natural Resource Improvement and Management (NRIM)

Maize Comb Project

The programme focuses on the coast mangrove improvement and Forest Improvement and Management

Programme. This aims at community involvement and participation in management of the Environment, water, forests, wildlife and aquatic ecosystem.

In return the communities will get improve flow of water, habitat for

beneficial insects and food from the environment. The programme will be implemented in Aberdares forest, Laikipia forest, Taita Taveta forests, Coastal mangrove a

nd Tana delta.

Farmers own Small Irrigation systems (Wenyewes)

Facilitating small holder farmers to develop and implement

small irrigation systems. This is to improve the volume of water available for irrigation. The programme is targeting low rainfall areas of Murang’a and Laikipia Counties.