Sustainable Agriculture Community Development Programmes | Maasai Land Value Enhancement Project (MALVE)
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Maasai Land Value Enhancement Project (MALVE)

Project Goal

To enable the Maasai people of Kajiado County skilfully manage their Natural Resources (Land, Wildlife, Water) through implementing drought mitigation measures, increasing productivity per square unit of land by 100% enhancing land value thereby reducing temptation to sell land and keep the resource for current and future generation, 5,000 families in 5 Counties improve family assets by 200% within 4 years.


Objective 1

To provide skills to community leaders of Kajiado Maasai in the area of economic use of land and related natural resources for peoples economic development at County, village and family levels.

Objective 2

To establish learning cases depicting water harvesting and management skills at village level for human’s livestock, wildlife and reafforestation in 5 Group Ranches.

Objective 3

To raise incomes from livestock sales by 100% thorough economic marketing of live animals and meat support 5,000 Households within 4 years.

Objective 4

To provide practical training to 25 Ranch members at 5 per Ranch on the subject of Sustainable Wildlife Management, Biodiversity and Ecotourism.

Objective 5

To provide practical training and exposure to 5 Ranches in setting up and running crop based enterprises as alternatives to livestock through setting up 5 irrigation and dryland training farms.

Objective 6

To develop awareness among the communities leaders and Government regarding the high level of Natural Resources, dangers of environmental degradation and loss of land as a livelihood source for the Maasai Community.

Geographical Area of Coverage

Maasai Land Value Enhancement (MALVE) Project is a project being implemented in Kajiado County.

The group ranches targeted under MALVE project are:-

  1. Olgulului group ranch in Amboseli region
  2. Rombo group ranch in Loitoktok
  3. Shompole group ranch in Magadi region

Number of Beneficiaries

The project is targeting 5,000 families in the 3 Ranches.

Partners Involved

i)GLS Germany

ii)County Government