Sustainable Agriculture Community Development Programmes | SACDEP-Kenya
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SACDEP Kenya Head Quaters in Thika

Guests taking lunch at Agriculture Development and Training Centre, Thika.

Farmer harvesting organic cotton in Lamu county

Some of SACDEP-Kenya Staff Members

Women in a Bank Without Walls (A Micro finance Credit and Saving Scheme) Meeting in Murang'a County.

Successfully trained farmer in Sustainable Agriculture (SA) by SACDEP-Kenya

CEO - SACDEP Kenya on a tree planting mission

Give people an opportunity to develop themselves and you will be surprised at what they can do for themselves

We the SACDEP Board, Staff and Development partner communities are sincerely delighted to have you as our most valued guest.

We are glad to take you with us as we share with you our thoughts, beliefs, philosophy and experiences with regard to developmental achievements and challenges in people’s livelihoods.

On this site we strive to give an overview of who we are and a brief of what SACDEP has achieved in the last 20 years of operation in Kenya. We appreciate the fact that our work continues to focus on smallholder farming communities, “those at the BOTTOM OF THE PYRAMID” in

facilitating them to unlock their existing potential towards achieving tangible economic benefits that ensure improved livelihoods. Our main activities are geared towards filling the existing technological gaps through building the skills of communities on the principles and practices of Sustainable Agriculture. This is in addition to enabling them to access information and knowledge that is relevant to improvement of their livelihoods.

Needless to say, development is for all. Furthermore, there is no developed or under developed world.  Nor are there developed and under developed regions of a country.  What exists is only a badly developed world and regions.

Our sincere hope is that by the end of the “tour” of SACDEP Kenya you will have gained from our institutional information in ways that will be easy to share with others.

The “visit” to SACDEP-Kenya is organized to take you to various Presentations, Publications, Sectors, Programmes and Project activities.


J. N. Mutura
Executive Director

Technical Training and Research

The idea of developing the Technical Training & Research Sector has been held by SACDEP for many years. As the organization and specific individuals continued to implement a diversity of projects, the component of sustainability continued to get clearer.

Self – Financing Initiatives

The Organization clearly understands that funding is always hard to come by. At times, a funding partner may experience challenges at different times of the funding partnership. This situation may arise at the beginning, midterm or at the end of a project phase.

Giving Back Initiative (GBI)

This initiative aims at providing institutions and individuals an opportunity to participate in development projects. One can do so through donation of cash or materials or equipment. The donors have the opportunity to choose the kind of projects their donation should go to.

About SACDEP Kenya

In 1991, a small group of Kenyans sat in a Social place and started a discussion on why Kenyan People are getting poorer. This was happening in the face of generation and spending of enormous human, natural and financial resources. Kenya was (and still is) rated as one of the African countries with a well structured, agricultural research, training, extension and use of mass media. Yet millions of families lacked food and agro income security.


In the following meetings that followed, the reason became clear: Conventional Agriculture approach had come and made its contribution. Farmers in developing countries could no longer continue using high chemical- high cost export only oriented agriculture.